Ruxley Church

The Church on the Lane

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

No Church Services until further notice

We are sorry to have to inform you that Public Worship has been suspended and there will be no church services at Ruxley Church until further notice.  This is in light of the Government guidance around non-essential contact and a directive from our denominational heads. 

As we move into unprecedented times,  we pray heavenly Father for all those impacted by the coronavirus.  Protect those vulnerable from contracting it and bring swift healing to those currently unwell.  We thank you that with you, Lord we do not need to be anxious and can trust that you are in control.

We pray that your church worldwide and local communities, will step up to provide support to those unable to get out, and help those in need.

We pray you would give wisdom to leaders as they navigate this new and uncertain epidemic, for scientist and doctors as they try to find a vaccine, and help us to find new and innovative ways to meet and worship you, and be church to each other and to our neighbours..

We pray this pray in the name of our Lord and Saviour,  Jesus Christ  - Amen